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Get a Custom Website built for you in 14 days!

We build websites for than 1000 categories — from local business to large enterprises

Here’s How it Works:

Complete our online questionnaire

We Follow up for details

We build your website fully, from A to Z

We launch your website with you live over Zoom.

What features are included in your custom website?

Done-for-you design & all content

Custom domain name & professional email

2 hours of edits done by us for you each month

How much does this website cost?

A one-time setup fee to build & launch your website and then a small monthly fee per month to run your website

The $149 one-time setup fee and $69 per month includes:

The $399 one-time setup fee and $79 per month includes:

The $699 one-time setup fee and $99 per month includes:

What’s included?

The full list of what is included:

What else is included:

The 10 most common questions we get

1. How does the website design process work?

1. Signup and purchase your website package.
2. Fill out our online questionnaire about your business and what you’re trying to achieve with your new website.
3. Our design team and copywriters will create your website in 14 days.
4. A website expert will launch your website with you on a 1-to-1 Zoom call. They will show you the website and make any changes you require.

2. Are hosting and domain included? Can I use my own domain?

Unlimited hosting, 2 hours monthly tech maintenance, a custom domain and an email inbox are included. If you already have a domain, you are able to connect it to your Rubix website at
no additional cost.

3. Where can I see examples of UENI websites?

If you want to see a category, send us a quick email or call us at 385-309-7777 and ask us about it. We support over 1000 business categories.

4. Are Rubix websites secure?

100%. In 8 years, we never had a single security breach or cyber attack. All our data is stored on partitioned cloud servers with GoDaddy. one of the safest providers in the market. Plus, all
websites come with an SSL certificate, ensuring they are secure.

5. What platform are the websites built on?

Rubix exclusively uses the WordPress platform to create your website. If you choose to leave us in the future, you retain ownership of all the content published on the site. That is yours to
keep. Just do a DNS transfer to your new host.

6. Can I transfer an existing website to Rubix?

If your website is built with WordPress, then YES! If not, we cannot edit your existing website, we can build a new one for you incorporating information from your existing site. 42% of our
customers come to us with existing websites, and we regularly import content that our customers have on other platforms (e.g. an existing website, Etsy, Facebook). We use that
information as part of a refreshed and improved online presence!

7. Are these templated websites?

NO. We build each website from scratch. However, we will provide some past examples of websites so that you can choose the style you prefer. Each website is highly personalized, and
humans are involved at every step. We have category specialists who know how to build optimal sites for your type of business. They take painstaking effort to base your website on the
images, videos, and information you provide us so your website looks different from other websites we build.

8. Can I speak with someone?

We are available via telephone or email Mon-Fri 8am-7pm MT. You can also speak to us by phone during these hours at (309) 385-7777